Adam Lambert, You Are a Champion Now

By Juneau

adamlambert: Our Patron Saint : Freddie adamlambert: Our Patron Saint : Freddie

Writing a review of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour requires a balancing act, a miniature version of the vertiginous tightrope Adam himself must navigate every night he is out there in front of thousands of fans who idolize one of greatest frontmen in rock and roll history. How to confront the godlike ghost of Freddie Mercury, to measure up to his glorified memory without enraging those who worship in his temple?

As for me, on the one hand, it’s all about Adam, but on the other, it’s about something so much larger. It’s almost too much to take in, this massive, 135-minute show that barely skims the surface of the enormous Queen songbook, through which Adam de Lambert makes a pilgrim’s progress of multiple personas, each setting off thunderclaps of emotion in a Glambert’s breast. Overwhelming.

I thought it might help…

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Queen + Adam Lambert in NYC



Queen + Adam Lambert
Madison Square Garden
July 17, 2014
Review and photos by David Chiu

Twenty-five years ago, the idea of Queen ever performing a rock concert at Madison Square Garden again, let alone America, would have seemed out of the question. During most of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the British band’s popularity in the States was at an all-time low — although Queen conquered the rest of the world with its hit albums and sell-out shows. It was almost as if Queen — who was once the most popular band in the world during the banner year of 1980 with “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – became an afterthought in the States. Was it because of the cool reception to the 1982 dance-oriented Hot Space album, or the “I Want to Break Free” video in which the members were dressed up…

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Adam Lambert’s a Killer Queen! What he’s wearing

We’re talking here about the Queen + Adam Lambert tour and the eye-popping, libido-loosening outfits that Adam is wearing. Idolholic, who was an eye-witness at the launch concert in Chicago, was kind enough to document, research and fact-check. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the definitive dissertation on our darling drama queen’s delectably decollétaged and diverting duds!

By Idolholic, PhD
With product annotation courtesy of Fashionland

Set List:                                          Adam was wearing:

Now I’m Here                                  Black leather pants, studded leather jacket, gold-rimmed sunglasses
Stone Cold Crazy                             (Adam tweeted:  Studded jacket by @versace – round gold glasses by @mykitaofficial )

adamlambert: Studded jacket by @versace_official - round gold glasses by @mykitaofficial Custom crystal embellished black tank and Adam’s beloved Rock & Republic Slim F@#! Skinny Jeans, teamed with Versace AW14 studded biker, also…

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