Radio Show: Queen + Adam Lambert Flailorama

Log in on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

10:00-11:00PM EST

Or dial in to speak with the host (917) 932-1825

DJ Nika dedicates this week’s show to a great deal of Bohemian Rhapsodizing over the epic summer that stretches ahead. How many of you were hovering on Monday morning over your smartphones and browsers open to Ticketmaster, fan club codes at your fingertips, screaming “Don’t Stop Me Now” as the magic hours struck. Did you manage to nab whatever smidgens of pre-sale tickets were allowed to trickle onto the market? Damn the servers!! The Show Must Go On!! Tonight, LambertLust will join the show as Nika spins some favorite Queen + Adam collaborations. They are going to Rock us, and we will all feel like Champions!

Special guests, LambertLust and Mrs. LambertLust!!

Enjoy this promo video for the Auburn Hills show:

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