Listen to Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert sing The Supremes’ The Happening on Glee


Get ready Gleeks for more Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato on the fifth series of Glee.

Adam Lambert reprises his role as Starchild on Glee (Picture: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

In the episode entitled Trio, which airs in the US tomorrow, characters Dani (Lovato), Elliot Starchild (Lambert) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) will be getting their Motown on when they join vocal forces to perform a cover of The Happening by The Supremes.

The official description of the episode is as follows: ‘As graduation approaches, Tina, Blaine and Sam band together to hold a senior “lock-in” at school, hoping to savor their last chance at hanging out together. But their plans are thwarted when Becky joins unexpectedly. Meanwhile, in New York, Elliot (guest star Adam Lambert) is stuck in The Middle between Rachel and Santana’s feud.’

Take a listen to Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer’s take on The Happening below:

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