More Details Revealed About Adam Lambert’s Glee Character, Starchild


Clare Sidoti
Managing Editor

We’ve almost come to the end of Glee’s first hiatus for this season and we’re all itching to see the debut of Adam Lambert’s Starchild in next week’s episode, “A Katy or A Gaga?”

We know that he will be playing a nemesis of sorts to Kurt, that he’s handy with the chandelier, that he audition’s for Kurt and Santana’s Madonna tribute band with Gaga’s “Marry the Night” and he’ll be joining the NYC crew for the ensemble “Roar” number. Beyond that he is still cloaked in mystery. However, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a few new tidbits about Starchild that only adds to the excitement of his joining the cast.

Lambert’s character’s full name is in fact Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert and he hails from New Jersey. It also appears that we might see some more of super snarky Kurt, especially in their first few…

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