character sketch: adam lambert


We were told to write a short essay about someone who inspires us and give the reader to have a strong metal image of the person.

I never really thought I would ever call a man pretty. Well, that was until I saw Adam Lambert. He’s a tall-built man with freckles on most parts of his skin. He usually wears a band shirt inside a leather jacket with skin-tight jeans and designer boots, eyeliner (or as he likes to call it, “guyliner”) on his eyes and he’s ready to go onstage. But peeling away all his glamour, he has strawberry blonde as his natural hair color which he dyes to black with blue, brown or gold highlights to match his glamrocker style. He also has these blue-green-gray eyes that I could not resist falling for if I wanted to and I don’t want to.

He’s everything opposite of dull. He’s…

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