Album Review: Avicii – ‘True’

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Album Review Avicii True

It’s been a great summer if you’re Avicii. He’s had a top 5 hit single with, ‘Wake Me Up’ and he’s been establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the EDM community. With his latest effort ‘True’, Avicii takes EDM to new heights that I don’t think a single person could have thought of or expected.

Let’s get this started.

1. ‘Wake Me Up’ – 4/5. Great introduction to this CD, singlewise and albumwise. It sets the tone of the entire vibe of the album. Hopeful, folky, and dancey. One of the finest EDM tracks I’ve heard in a while.
2. ‘You Make Me’ – 4/5. Solid follow up to ‘Wake Me Up’. I dig that it shows a different sound of the album – it’s a banger, but this one just feels good, it’s got a chill vibe – one…

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