Adam Lambert AURA has arrived!

aura-stacking-up-70613News flash!  It all started with a meeting of like-minded fans three years ago. After many phone conferences and emails, postcards were distributed at the Hyannis Glam Nation tour stop announcing plans to create a new book (or as it turned out, magazine) of fans’ stories and testimonials about how Adam Lambert had changed their lives. One could have birthed three babies in that interval, and with arguably less turmoil and pain, so it’s with great joy that we share the news here that AURA is finally packed and ready to go!!

Here’s the scoop from the AURA Blog:

As you may know, the shipment of AURA magazines arrived from the printer on Friday, July 5, as scheduled.

Yesterday, my son and I packed all the AURA orders. See photo (below). Starting tomorrow and continuing for a few days, all current orders will be mailed out.

Some extra copies…

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