New Music To Know: Ginny Blackmore, A Voice For Scorned Women Everywhere

Q104 Cleveland

“How can a ballad that I recorded in an apartment that says tramp, a**, damn, steak, beer, screw, all in the first verse ever do anything at all?” Ginny Blackmore asked with a laugh. “It doesn’t sound pretty.”

Blackmore’s first single, “Bones,” isn’t pretty. The song is a raw look at a girl who just isn’t getting the love she deserves and might be verging on a manic episode because of it.

[worldnow id=8940617 width=480 height=270 type=video autoplay=true]

The Things Women Don’t Talk About

Over a perfectly produced yet minimalist beat, she talks of putting a brush through her hair for this ungrateful guy and making him dinner every night. But she gets nothing back in return, made clear with the heartbreaking line, “It sucks being a woman in love with an unkind man.” She’s eventually left standing in front of a mirror telling herself she’s beautiful, something her male…

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